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I'm sitting in the cove but it's not like old times! It's not buzzing with the stench of rabid unbathed nerds screaming the warrior call of DOTA. 

Just went for a walk around campus and got my shoes dirtied with mudd. Fast Forward to THE YEAR 2000 (give & take) Mastermind would often stop our tromps around the stoon to find the nearest bathroom to remedy her dirty shoes with papertowel and water. Her judging face was glorious and it penetrated the leather. With the assistance of her firm INTJ hands she would gain a sense of pride when she had restored justice and order to her once smudged or scuffed shoe. 

Oh I remember the sighs; to be set aback by something so trivial as some muddy love on ones feet?!! 

I got dirty intentionally on a regular basis and besides adele... shoes go on your feet!?! The ground under your feet is dirty! Why would anyone buy white shoes anyways? Many questions resonated deeply. 

What to do today. I feel floaty right now... It could be the lorazapam, it could be the energy drinks but I just feel mellow and good ^^;; I don't want this to stop.... ooooh yeahhhhh
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